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Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
into the car. john materese checks it out. >> reporter: how would you like a 20% discount on car insurance. sure you would, so would i now the tougher question to get it are you willing to let your insurance company monitor your driving? you may have seen progressive's tv ads promising big discounts for safe driving. >> do you own a home? >> yes. >> discount. >> are you going to buy online? >> yes. >> discount >> progressive offers snapshot, that can lower your rate 30% you have to let them install a gadget to monitor your driving. >> well, i like it because it made you aware of certain patterns. >> kathleen signed up for snapshot on her ford. it took awhile to get used to having big brother watching her. >> at first i was worried my husband was not i was concerned about them tracking. >> what is it like having your driving monitored? progressive sent us a snapshot to try out for two weeks it installed easily into our escape's diagnostic port. any sort of hard stop, triggers a warning beep. every hard stop is recorded and posted on progressive's website for you to see when you log in. prog
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
. john has a sneak peek at the sales you need to see. >> black friday is just three weeks away and that means the long ads are starting to leak out. the latest, del computer and dollar general. the biggest stores like toys r us remain a mystery for now, but we're starting to see things from other stores. among them dollar general and dell computers. dell will be selling laptops for just $299 and desktops for $249. dollar general will feature by one hot wheels car and get one free. and half price christmas trees and ornaments. has just opened its black friday store and is planning a different deal online from now through november 23ered, so you may not have to wait. for more reports, go to my web page at don't waste your money. >> if you plan on going to grandma's for thanksgiving you can expect packed planes and high ticket prices. travelers were pay about 4% more than last year, november 35th is expected to be the busiest travel day followed by the 21st. planes will be packed 90% full on those dates. >>> this is no joke, snow in the city. >> the storm
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
with excitement when they began trying to have a baby. her son john is now three. she remembers the moments and what it was like, just like it was yesterday. >> first, i didn't know what to expect or anything. so if i thought about it, i would think maybe i'm pregnant. it could be up to five a week. when i found out, it was probably five that day, to make sure it was right. >> at the store, most test kits are between $10 and $15. for that price, some kits will give you two testers. but you are still paying at least five dollars a test. how about playing a buck? >> some people are skeptical. there is a generic for anything. >> we found dollar pregnancy tests. the dollar general brand has instructions and details. that is missing from dollar tree's new choice kit. all the instructions are right on the box. tracy didn't mind it. >> i feel like it is the same thing and it is actually, you know, much more affordable. >> how do they stack up to the name brand? we asked family medicine doctor christine alexander to review the research from it. >> after looking at the studies i think there is no di
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
's bringing to light another scandal involving another commander in afghanistan. general john allen. these are the latest men who's images have been tarnished. it makes people ask, why do men in power cheat. one researcher says there's several factors. >> the high testosterone, anyone who fights for rank will be high on teases toast rohn. they are away -- testosterone, they are away from home and women likely ranking men. they'll find a woman who's interested in someone like them. >> military leaders aren't the only high-powered men, it's impacted presidents, congressmen and ceo. >>> a soda capable of helping you lose weight. it's the claim pepsi is making with pepsi special soft drink. its launched in japan. the key is fiber. nutritionist said it is unlikely to help you lose weight but make you run to bathroom. it is not available in the u.s. give it time. >>> ever wonder how tall your children will be. there's an app for that. doctors have developed a app that can predict your child's height. how long their legs will be, even a foot size. >> how it's helping doctors treat kids wit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4